Michèle Crider


The film premiere of Michele Crider


Michele Crider put in a guest appearance in the film "Maria an Callas", which was shot from the middle of September to November 04 in Cologne and on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.
"MARIA AN CALLAS" is the title of the film and is the story of two people who fall in love in spite of both having fictitious identities and being full of lies and falsehoods. Michele Crider celebrated her film debut with this production and starred alongside the great German film stars, Götz George and Claudia Michelsen. The premiere of the film was in Köln on the 4th of may 2006.

Production: Moonfilm
Co-production: BB film, CH Media, NDR
Executive producer: Erik Stappenbeck
Editor: Barbara Beauvais
Book & Director: Petra K. Wagner
Camera: Peter Polsak
Production manager: Jörg Wagner

MARIA AN CALLAS -short synopsis:
Jost (Götz George), a successful product designer, discovers after the death of his wife, Maria, that she had an e-mail friend. She had not told this friend about her illness and had made out that she herself was the designer so much in demand. Jost can't bring himself to tell this e-mail friend about the death of his wife and so he carries on the correspondence as his wife. When he falls in love with this unknown person and finds her in a town near the sea, he realises that she also hasn't written the truth about her life.

The "Ritz Palace" that Anni (Claudia Michelsen) is manager of and has described to her unknown friend as a chic luxurious hotel on the coast turns out to be a remote shabby pub which can only survive thanks to the bowling alley. Here she has established a life for herself, along with her sister-in-law (Elisabeth Trissenaar), where she can protect herself from her feelings. 
That the Ritz Palace is not a hurdle at all for Jost.

He still stops there. With his self-confidence and persistence, he wins Anni over. Anni falls in love with him. Everything is well for a while. However, the moment comes to tell all.